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About the Artist


Lee is a Virginia based artist who has always used artwork as a diary to record memories and emotions. Since 2014,  their art has revolved around emotions. As Lee grew as an artist, they discovered a love for communicating complex emotions within simple linework.

Even then, they have used art as an outlet for dealing with their mental health.

Their character, being a simplified version of themself, grew to capture audiences as others saw the character as a reflection within themselves. This idea eventually evolved into the slice of life comics you see today.



Today, Lee's comics are viewed by thousands of people, who are drawn in by their authenticity. Still, the idea stays the same: Use artwork as a diary. With this format, Lee still advocates for mental health and vehemently believes everyone should be comfortable with themselves no matter how unorthodox or “cringe” it may be. Of course, Lee loves to share whatever those things are that make them happy, like puzzling, playing video games, and covering everything in PINK. Finding a beautiful middleground between cute and chaotic, Lee always tries to make their audience feel comfort and joy by sharing their triumphs and struggles through these spur of the moment comics.



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